Our technology force

Our team is expert in digital projects.

Marrying business and technology for over 20 years:

Yafit Armon is the founder of TREE, for the last multiple experience for the last 10 years focusing in e/Commerce development, project management, specifications. additional background of design, QA, Marketing and entrepreneur

Uri Elhav is an expert in growing start-ups from idea to solution and leading business campaigns alongside software development. Uri’s passion and focus is on commercialization of enterprise software, money markets and electronic commerce.

We can  integrate every 3rd party solution to your to Business with an experience of over 20 years in development of complicated enterprise solutions. 

Our team is a senior expert in connecting all external add ons such as:

  • Inventory 
  • Payments solutions
  • Automated shipping integrations
  • Customers management
  • ERPs integrations
  • amd more

We give technical consulting as well as turnkey solutions

Feel free to contact us for any reason

TREE e/Commence Solutions