Deliverty - Local Delivery Integration for your Shopify Business 

Deliveries that practically take care of themselves - install here

When selling in your country or metro area, local delivery couriers usually provide you with a semi-automatic way of delivering goods. However, working with those local couriers can be tedious and error prone.

  • You need to contact them by phone, email or their website.
  • You need to enter shipping details manually.
  • You need to deal with customer support for every question or concern you or your clients may have.

Deliverty solves all that. With Deliverty, shop owners like you can:

  • Request delivery pickup from a favorite courier, automatically upon fulfillment or manually.
  • Let customers see the status of the delivery online and
  • Instantly notify customers if there are any updates

Intuitive design, awesome functionalities

  • Set up default pick up address. Change it within seconds if you need to, or use the “one time pick up address” option.
  • Create accounts with one or more couriers in your area.
  • Choose a variety of delivery methods. Each order delivery can be customized.
  • Track seamlessly through the app.
  • Give your clients access to delivery status and send them instant updates with a few clicks.

Why Deliverty

Deliverty is created by a team of young, yet experienced IT professionals. We understand the fast-paced world businesses live in and want to give them solutions that will let them grow. Deliverty is our answer to the problems all product selling companies have with delivery management. It’s often not so much about getting something from point A to point B, but about doing it hassle and stress-free, and providing your clients with excellent experience throughout. We understand that and we’ve paid great attention to detail to make it possible for you to never again consider delivery an issue, let alone a time consuming one.

The more orders, the better

When you automate delivery management, you can focus on more important things, like:

  • Sell more
  • Improve your product
  • Expand your product range
  • Enhance customer service

You’re worried your business is going to become too big? Worry not, with Deliverty by your side, you can handle it. Simply install Deliverty on your Shopify Shop here